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To understand the concept of HygiServ, it is imperative to figure out what comes under the generic terms ‘Medical Waste’, ‘Hygienic service’ and ‘Hygienic Products’. any health care facility such as a clinic, a hospital, a blood bank, a veterinary clinic as well as all research and diagnostic laboratories, etc. come under the category of medical or biomedical waste.
The primary reason precautionary measures must be taken when such wastes come under consideration is because these wastes have the potential of contaminating what they come in contact with and can also be highly infectious.
HygiServ intends on revolutionizing the medical waste management industry and making medical waste management accessible. Despite being a newer company to offer medical waste management solutions in the market, with the success and accomplishments as well as the expertise and accolades of Saudi Environmental Works under its belt, HygiServ has the optimum technology and the perfect structure to become the most accessible medical waste management and hygienic service provider in the market.
With clients ranging from smaller factories to multimillion dollar industries and corporations, HygiServ and its medical waste management and hygienic services are the best choice to make.


HygiServ’s vision is exceptionally simple: a world where health and good living conditions are accessible to everyone.


Considering how dangerous biomedical and medical waste can be, HygiServ’s mission is to ensure that the waste is properly disposed of and cannot harm anyone or the environment. To do this, HygiServ abides by all safety precautions and environmental protection regulations, etc. The standardized procedure being used by HygiServ gives room to it for making changes according to the kind of waste and the need for the disposal. This flexibility is exactly what sets HygiServ apart from all competitors in the market.
HygiServ aims to accomplish many things, the most important of all being the protection of the environment and the people in it from harmful diseases and pollutants. HygiServ also aims to improve peoples’ awareness of health and healthier environmental conditions. With this very aim, HygiServ wishes to tend to the market and its needs accordingly.
By providing medical waste services and hygiene services that cater specifically to medical waste transportation and proper disposal, HygiServ aims to ensure that medical waste is treated in the best possibly way. It employs and offers high tech medical waste and hygiene products that keep surfaces and areas clean and hazard free, and also provides services that cater to the removal, transport, disposal and treatment of all forms of medical waste.
With its state of the art technology and accessible products and services, HygiServ wishes to make a healthy environment more than just an ideal state that you wish for; it aims to make it a reality.



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