The primary field that HygiServ deals with is medical waste management and hygienic services & products. This includes all of the following :

    Hygienic services & Products

Hygienic services & Products
HygiServ uses Nanotechnology products, especially those focusing on keeping the surfaces that are most used free from bacteria, viruses, fungi and pollutants.
Hygiserv offers Bacoban (Nanotechnology Brand) in different versions depending on where it is needed and by whom:


  • Nebuliser
  • Spray Bottles
  • Large bottles and canisters
  • Wipes


Bacoban essentially does more than just clean your room or your table. It ends up becoming a necessity for those working in the health care department, and it ensures that these people are safe from the biomedical waste toxicity that could cause a lot of harm. With Bacoban, a lot of risks can be eliminated for good.
Nanotechnology products provide a new level of disinfection protection for all surfaces and provides a long term disinfectant solution.



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