What is Bacoban?

Bacoban is a long-term anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating which can be applied to any surface via spray, wipe or nebuliser. Unlike most surface protection products which once applied only last minutes, Bacoban remains active for up to 10 days after application and is resistant to the most common germs and viruses including MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B&C and Norovirus. Bacoban has been developed not only to protect medical environments such as hospitals and surgeries, but also high multi-user environments such as offices, shopping and entertainment centres and even planes and ships.
With a wide range of application methods almost any environment can be protected, the B acoban Nebuliser (a dry fog atomizer unit) can disinfect a room, vehicle, cabin or office in minutes and as no moisture is released so
sensitive equipment and interior fittings do not need to be relocated before application.

 3D Coating Matrix with Biocide

  • Self-organizing 3D Matrix
  • Breathable structure
  • Cross-linked for durability
  • Sponge effect on biocides
  • Locked-in antimicrobial



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